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KSIX signs VP of Brand Management

Jack Colton has joined KSIX to oversee the upcoming launch of the company’s blockchain transaction software and to aide in…

KSIX to use Microsoft Azure Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)

KSIX management has decided to utilize Microsoft’s Azure to develop, test and deploy blockchain applications. KSIX programmers have already been…

New Accounting Firm Selected

The Board of Directors of KSIX approved the engagement of Paritz & Company, P.A.- Certified Public Accountants (“Paritz”) as KSIX’s…

who we are

KSIX is a publicly traded company with revenue primarily from holdings in telecom and media. Our focus is aggressive growth while maintaining long term shareholder value.

We want to connect with you (our shareholder) by creating an environment where you can invest not only in the analytics of the company, but get to know our team and be involved in our growth.

We have a strategic plan to expand holdings in telecom, media and emerging Blockchain technology related to Bitcoin, Ethereum and digital currency applications. Invest in us so we can move forward together!



Social media marketing and ad network distribution to grow sales while reducing cost per acquisition.



Providing wireless service to over 60,000 customers in one of the highest valuation sectors in the market.



Developing Blockchain technology applications utilizing Ethereum and distributed ledgers.

Our Blue Chip Team

Margarita Elizondo Strategic Social Responsibility

……liaison for KSIX to the disability communities with the goal of utilizing our corporate tools to protect and improve the quality of life for people with disabilities.

David Ansani Chief Administrative Officer / Secretary

……corporate expert specializing in administrative back-office accountability while directing general business governance and compliance aspects including due diligence of mergers and acquisitions

Gary McCarter Assistant to the Chairman of the Board

……Big Four audit experience (DeLoitte Touche) and extensive experience in driving revenue growth and bottom-line improvements through sound financial management and strategic business planning.

Brian Cox Chairman & CEO

……strong leader with relentless work ethic, enthusiasm and energy. Visionary and revenue machine. Thinker – Fighter – Winner

Anthony Nuzzo Chief Strategy Officer

….. guided multiple companies that have been recognized several times by Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies annual publication

Carter Matzinger President of DigitizeIQ

…..results-driven media business growth for over 15 years online including content development, social media and performance-based marketing

Manny Flores Board Member

……former Illinois Commerce Commission Chairman, Illinois Financial and Professional Regulation Banking Director and Acting Secretary



Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.”

- Napoleon Hill


It goes without saying that our team at KSIX is focused on revenues, profit and growth of our company.

We hold a belief that we can focus on these things while investing our time, energy and spirit into our local communities by helping those who need it most.  The returns we receive back from helping others is a driving force that feeds the core of the human spirit.

When you invest in KSIX, you are not only a stakeholder in the financial aspect of our company, you have joined a group of well-meaning and dedicated people who can accomplish anything.

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