Investor Relations

“Thank you for your interest in KSIX, we are very excited about our future, and hope to have you aboard as an investor.”

- Brian Cox, CEO, KSIX Media Holdings, Inc.

Our primary source of revenue comes from telecom and media. We are growing revenue organically while actively seeking strategic acquisitions that add to our total revenue and at the same time, improve the long term value of KSIX.

We have a strategic plan to expand holdings in telecom, media and emerging Blockchain technology related to Bitcoin, Ethereum and digital currency applications.


True wireless

  • Nationwide wireless carrier with the ability to provide service over all 4 major USA wireless backbones.
  • True is a licensed eligible telecommunications carrier (OK, AR, MD, RI and TX) providing discounted and subsidized wireless (cell phone) and broadband service through the National Broadband Program.
  • At $1.2M a month revenue in 5 states, growth is exponential with the new agreement to add 30 states including California.

Digitize IQ

  • A full service digital advertising agency
  • Specializing in lead generation, landing development, and landing page optimization
  • Performance marketing experts in Google (Google Partner), Facebook and now Instagram and Snapchat

KSIX Media

  • Ad network with over a 30 years of combined marketing experience
  • Quality affiliates with email, display and social traffic
  • Expanding both Domestic and Global traffic for profitable international campaigns

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